Meet Landy, the world’s first AI real estate buyer’s agent.

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Step 1Find a property you like

Step 2Send an AI-powered offer

Step 3Close with a local attorney, commission-free!*


Landy helps you avoid paying a buyer's agent commission, which lowers the purchase price a seller must get to receive the same net proceeds, reducing the dollar amount of total mortgage payments due. See FAQ for details.

Say goodbye to a year's worth of mortgage payments!

The Old Way

  1. You find an agent to help you buy a house.
  2. If their initial suggestions don't work, their helpfulness eventually tapers off.
  3. You eventually buy a $700k house you found yourself online.
  4. You're still obligated to pay the agent's $21,000 commission even though the closing attorney does most of work.

The Landy Way

  1. You find a house you like on Landy, and for just $49 Landy instantly sends your offer to the seller.
  2. The seller uses Landy to send back a counteroffer, which you accept and sign!
  3. Landy introduces you to a top-rated local attorney to finalize the paperwork. With just a $149 fee at closing to Landy, you save $21,000 in commissions, or 14 months of mortgage payments! (See FAQ for calculation.)

You'll Never Negotiate the Old Way Again

Ready to make an offer? Let Landy lead. Landy helps buyers efficiently send comprehensive offers with just a few clicks. We ensure your offers are compelling, credible, and help you reach sellers promptly. With Landy's optional Premium review, a team of licensed real estate agents looks over your offer before sending and gives you feedback within 24 hours.